About Us

The name Between Portals takes reference to the relation between different feelings, conditions, events and their connection. A dependency, that doesn’t always take place in the here and now or in the same place, but rather in spatial distance. 

Nonetheless, there is some kind of connection, a band between all of this.  

With our music and the feelings and messages we transport in it, we want to bring attention to these complex and mindboggling structures. We have to think outside our feelings, opinions and doings and be aware of the possible consequences we can cause. In the end there always needs to be a balance between negative and positive things. 

The times we live in are shaped by floods of news reporting injustice and imbalance. But it was and always will be our own individual responsibility to analyze and reflect on all of these happenings. Those, who embed themselves in “Between Portals” as a whole can let loose in atmospheric parts and heavy grooves, which are fueled by musical memories and impactful messages woven in the instrumental constructs of the songs.  

Our current Lineup


Between Portals - 2020
Daniel (Drums), Alex (Guitar), Ansgar (Bass), Philipp (Vocals) (l.t.r.)